Friday, November 27, 2015

ZAA 2016-Newsletter

ZAA thanks us for a strong 2015, outlines 2016


Interview of Noble Sensei, Chief Instructor interviewed by Alison Lincoln Sensei

The Foundation of Aikido by Greg Noble Sensei

Creating Ki by Corey Guilbault Sensei

Dojo Name Series: Kushinkan by Greg Noble Sensei

Zen and The Cultivation of Energy by Paul Genki Kahn Roshi

Shugyo by Alison Lincoln Sensei

Aikido by Giles Copp Sensei

Dojo Name Series: Jikishinkan by Greg Noble Sensei

2015 Snapshot 

2015 Dan Promotions

Shane Bocksnick - Shodan
Chris Krawczyk – Shodan
Tom Smith - Shodan
Panos Paschalidis – Shodan
Katy Gooden – Shodan
Alison Lincoln Sensei - Sandan

2015 New Dojos

New York  Zenshinkai Aikido of Mahopac - Rishinkan Dojo - Instructor: Giles Copp Sensei

Missouri/ Four State Aikido/ Instructor: Stephanie Lloyd Sensei

2016 Events (Seminars)

Please visit the ZAA website at

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wed Nov 25th Class from 6:30 - 7:30PM (30min earlier)

For those not traveling the night before Thanksgiving, Wed Nov 25th, class will run 30min earlier from 6:30 - 7:30PM to match Adrenaline Sports facility hours.

For those traveling, be safe and enjoy your time off!

Also note, while you prepare your December dues, please add $35 per person for the annual ZAA dues (see other blog post).

Thursday, November 19, 2015

2016 ZAA Membership Info and Fees

The annual ZAA membership fees are critical for maintaining effective management, as well as for providing members with information, resources and other support; and they are due soon!

Actions for members,
1-  Fill out PDF (Seth will print and bring to class, but here is the link: 2016 AAA Membership form PDF
2-  Provide check and form to Sensei Domaschko by Dec15th

ZAA Membership - $35.00 per person

Key Member Benefits:

  • Rank testing – As a ZAA member they are eligible for rank testing and receive kyu certificates.
  • Aikikai Dan certificates – As a member they are eligible for dan rank testing and Aikikai rank
  • certificates, as well as an international Aikikai passbook
  • Access to ZAA member area – We are currently in the process creating a members area through our membership management software, that will have numerous resources available (test requirement demo videos, pdf copy of our student handbook, podcasts of dharma talks/zen lectures, etc.)
  •  Discounted seminars and camps
  •  Bi-annual newsletter – Our next newsletter should be published by end 2015